Wise on the Middle East

With a Jewish background, Robert L. Wise has lived in both the worlds of the church and the synagogue. First going to Israel in 1968, he has traveled extensively across the Middle East, including Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. His oldest son taught at the University of Ammon, Jordan, and currently instructs at the University of Balamand, Lebanon.


From personal experience, Robert shines light on the continuing turmoil in the Middle East. Please join him in an on-going conversation about one of the most important and explosive regions in the world.



Robert L. Wise holds two undergraduate college degrees, an M.Div degree, and the Ph.D. degree. He attempts to write without imposing theological or political perspectives on current events. From decades of study and travel, he interrupts historic for what they mean in today’s world.

4 responses to “Wise on the Middle East

  1. Judith Hilbun

    Thank you, Dr. Robert L. Wise. I appreciate the knowledge and wisdom you have concerning an area of our world that I truly want to learn more about. I certainly will continue to read your articles/books. Thanks again for the contact.

  2. Glenn Swanson

    Hello. Are any of your books in electronic format on Kindle? I have not been able to locate any as yet. Thanks.

  3. Mary Ruth Curlee

    Today, 6/23/2020, a friend gave me the book Crossing the Threshold of Eternity. I was curious about the author and much to my surprise, it is the same Dr. Robert Wise, who was my pastor when my late husband, Bob, and I were members of Our Lord’s Community Church in Oklahoma City, OK. I rank Robert among the best pastors I have had throughout my 73 years as a Christian. I learned so much about what worship means from him, which Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie reinforced and practiced during our years at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. It is a delight to learn from Facebook all that Robert has gone on to accomplish in his life and ministry! It seems I have some reading to do! Many thanks and God bless!

  4. Mary Ruth Curlee

    Today a friend gave me a copy of Crossing the Threshold of Eternity. I was delighted to learn that the author is the gentleman who I knew many years ago as Senior Pastor of Our Lord’s Community Church in Oklahoma City, where my late husband, Bob, and I were members for several years. I learned much from Robert about worship. One of his most lasting lessons for me was the healing value of participating in Communion on a regular basis. I’m thrilled to see how Robert’s ministry has expanded over the years as he has continued to use his remarkable gifts. Many thanks and continued blessings!

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