Return of the Bear

On a lighter note than some of my previous posts, we had an exciting adventure recently….

Here in the mountains of Colorado, I have our trash can parked outside behind the bedroom window. Last night at 2:30 in the black of night I heard the can hit the ground. The bear had returned!
A quick look over the bedstead revealed a large brown bear digging in for a midnight snack. More irritated than using good sense, I ran out the backdoor and fired a shot to send Yogi on his way! The bear went scampering off into the trees.
Later I thought how  typical this intrusion actually is. Problems that we’d never expect usually explode in the dark of night (metaphorically speaking ) And we usually react in a panic simply to make it stop. Unfortunately, our instantaneous response is usually no more effective than my rush through the back door in my b.v.d’s.
We seem to be living in a time when careful thought is rare. Reasoned judgment doesn’t seem to preceed implusive action. But whether it’s 12:00 noon or midnight, we can do better!

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