Sitting on Top of the World

One of my annual summer pilgrimages is a hike up Deer Creek Valley and on to the top of Mt. Rosalie. The trail winds through the forest primeval and ends up on top of a 13,000 foot mountain. Inspiration drips off the trees. Your soul flies and you end up literally sitting on top of the world! I’ve never found the equilavent of that trip.

I’ve been doing this walk since I was ten years old and more than a few decades have now passed. However, there is a facet of this climb that still amazes me. Nothing every changes! The climb looks exactly like it always has. In a world that is spinning from one changing scene to another, this valley hasn’t changed a notch. So, when I walk along it feels like time has stopped. The hands on the face on my clock have taken a lunch break. Is that refreshing or what?
Let me encourage you to have a similar space, perhaps seek it in nature while the summer lasts. Sit down. Breath deep. Let it work on your soul.

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