Halloween…. Zombies…. Goblins…. Death….

 I’ve been putting up our fall decorations. In Oklahoma, the weatherman appears to think we’re still in summer, but we know that cooler weather is coming no matter what he says!
The leaves are changing color, the air seems a little crisper, the sun is going down earlier and coming up later…
    The local stores are now packed out with Halloween decorations and it’s only the lst of October! Halloween’s become bigger than Christmas. I am stuck by the fact that we have a strange view of death. Halloween appears to say that the dead become monsters of some sort. Zombies. Whatever. But by interviews with people with near-death experiences reports the contrary. The Christian faith teaches the opposite. In death we become whole and completed persons.  I am looking forward to the day when I am a complete person serving my creator in eternity.

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