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            On an earlier blog, I discussed the possibilities of Israel’s attacking Iran this spring. I had no idea that the media was about to explode with the story. Obviously, I hit “the hot button” with this subject! Bingo! I was surprised that the threat became headline news on all channels.  Following my blog, President Barak Obama made a statement that the USA might well not be informed before an attack occurred. Iran’s baloney grinder started whirling. The race was on! What’s going on here?

Well, friend I don’t know how you decipher the truth from  public political statements, but in my opinion that’s the issue here. Obviously, no competent government official is going to telegraph what their plans are, but in the case of Israel, you can guess what you hear in public will probably be the opposite of what they do. That doesn’t mean that we should look for the reverse to occur, but know they’re not even close to being candid. Here’s some info to ponder.

Fact One: Up front, President Obama said that his administration is out of the loop.  His statement covers his backsides. No matter what’s said on television, the Israelis are uncomfortable with Obama. They are weary of his supportive. I’m not taking a political position – just stating the facts.

Fact Two: Iran has isolated itself and you can bet they know their pantry is empty. The world is about 100% opposed to Iran developing a nuclear weapon. Will this make any difference? Sorry. When religious figures are running the show, rationality goes out the window. Since they’re sure God is on their side 500%, they don’t pay attention to reality.

Fact Three: While it’s typical in the Middle East for leaders to beat on their chests and

scream, Iran’s reaction has been shrill. Khamenei said, “From now on, in may place, if any nation or any group confronts the Zionist regime (their phrase for Israel), we will endorse and we will help. We have no fear expressing this.” The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned the United States that any attack on Iran’s nuclear program would damage U.S. interest ten times over. Intelligence sources believe they could have terrorist cells ready to strike inside America. While it has been common knowledge for some time, Khamenei affirmed publically that they assist Hamas and Hezbollah in their attacks on Israelis. That statement may come back to haunt the Ayatollah before it’s all over!

I find it interesting that a so-called religious leader of a multi-national religion is so decidedly nationalistic. It’s like the Pope telling Italians how to vote as a doctrine of the church. Or, the Pope supporting the drug cartel in the Mexican war on drug runners. While there are many Muslims who stand at a much, much higher level, the Iranian brand of militant terrorism religiosity sounds more like Hitler being the high-priest of Nazism. A serious charge? You betcha! But the issues are serious.

Iran has stepped up their propaganda baloney machine’s responses to Israel and the United States. The Ayatollah has said Iran will never back down or roll back its nuclear program. So, what is next? Unfortunately, the hot-air rhetoric ishighly dangerous. Because Iranian leadership believe their own propaganda, it probably signifies there is no way out but an assault.

Every morning, I find myself waking up, praying, turning on the television, and expecting to find a war has started. How about you?

Question: Do you trust the political statements you hear through the media?  Could you trust what the Ayatollah says?

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