As the week of March 5 began, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee brought 14,000 American Jews together to bring super-charged pressure to bear on the Obama administration and Republican hopefuls, pushing them to stop Iran’s nuclear pursuits of a bomb. Mr. Obama had Prime Minister Netanyahu waiting for him at the White House, intending to squeeze from the other side. Mr. Obama emerged from the ringer with the most forthright statement yet about the possibilities of an American attack on Iran. I listened in relief to hear President Obama made an unequivocal statement to keep Iran out of the nuclear club.

But what if Iran charges ahead and attempts to drop missiles on Israel?

Good news from the home front!

Former head of the Defense Ministry’s Home Missile Defense Agency, Arieh Herzog told The Jerusalem Post Israel’s Arrow missile defense system could intercept barrages of Iranian long-range missiles. While there is no such thing as 100% defense, Herzog believes the Arrow system is fully capable of stopping Iran’s Shahab and Sajil ballistic missiles.With 12-years on the job under his belt, Herzog knows what he’s talking about.

Currently, Israel has two operational Arrow missile batteries deployed in the north and the south of the country. A third battery is currently being installed. An Arrow 3 system is currently under development that will serve as the upper layer of Israel’s protection system. The existence of such a system gives me encouragement. Israel is prepared!

Iran has made significant advances in developing ballistic missiles that now have a range of 1,200 miles. They have also switched from liquid fuel to solid fuel which allows for storage without refueling before a launch. After purchasing BM25 long-range missiles from North Korea, Iran has gone into production of similar projectiles. It is also believed Iran is developing cruise missiles. However, Israel is also developing a sophisticated response to Iranian warheads that can split during flight designed to deceive the Arrow system, causing Israel to miss the target. However, Herzog noted Israel is developing technology to counter this threat.

If the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) should attack Iran, it is assumed that missiles could be fired from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, as well as Iran. Herzog tells us the Arrow system is prepared for this event as well as stopping Syria’s Scud C and D missiles. What can we conclude from the former Defense secretary’s statements?

1. Israel is not backing off of its stated intentions of stopping Iran’s pursuit of the      “bomb.”

2. The IDF is already at work batting down the hatches for a response to any attack.

3. Israel is in a superior position to defend itself.

Sounds like the Iranians better think twice. Maybe backing up on there nuclear program might not be such a bad idea.

Earlier, I blogged that an attack by Israel is at hand. During Mr. Obama’s closed door discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the president pressed for more time to allow sanctions to work. Rational people are praying Mr. Obama is correct. No one wants a war. However, we also do not know what actual decisions the new leaders came to during their conversations. As he returned to Israel, the Prime Minister made it clear that Israel was willing to allow more time for sanctions to work – but only a little!



Even with a significant missile defense system, is Israel throwing the dice in attacking Iran? Could the Iran problem push the Middle East into a maelstrom of chaos?

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