Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned during Israel’s Independence Day Celebration that Israel may have to go it alone in their defense against Iranian nuclear intentions. Ya’alon noted that Israel is unimpressed with the steps the West has taken to stop the Iranian nuclear program. In his speech in Herzliya, he noted that the Iranian race to build a bomb as the “most significant” threat out there not only for Israel but the Middle East and the world. He recognized that Tehran’s nuclear ambitions could start a arms race in the entire region that would only have disastrous consequences.

So, why can’t Washington get on board?

Look at the situation from Israel’s point of view. The truth is that depending on the American government is like being a marriage counselor for a totally dysfunctional family. The Democrats and Republicans are locked in their own war that is beyond rationality. Democrats are scrambling to defend the administration over the Benghazi disaster and protect Hillary Clinton for the future. Mitch McConnell is willing to filibuster whatever he doesn’t like to keep everybody else from voting. John Boehner’s leadership is about as inspired as a high school football player being sent in to quarterback the Notre Dame football team for a national championship. Obama now has the IRS issue hanging around his neck because the agency has acted in a dictatorial and arbitrary manner. It appears that Obama cannot even get gun legislation and immigration reform through congress because of the petty politics of the members. The president is looking tired and more than a little worn.

The bottom line? Can Israel really depend on Washington to do anything? Moshe Ya’alon’s answer seems to be no.

His point is clear. While the nations gather to talk and Iran always backs away with some lame excuse, the centrifuges in Iran keep spinning. Why should Tehran worry about Washington? Sure, the sanctions have hurt the Iranian little man on the street, but the country continues to press on. Once they get the BIG BOMB, they know all bets are off.

Hanging in the balance is the issue of whether the already nuclear armed North Koreans will be fearful of Washington if the USA does not keep their threats. Syria appears to have already challenged Obama’s statements on the use of chemical weapons. Ya’alon states the obvious. Words won’t do the trick; only actions will count.

In his speech Ya’alon noted that the Israeli war of independence has not ended yet. The battle goes on in new forms and expressions. Recently, the Israeli military shot down an unmanned drone Hezbollah had flow over Israel near the northern city of Haifa. Prime Minister Netanyahu had warned that Hezbollah might try to take advantage of the conflict in Syria to attempt to obtain game-changing weapons. In response, Israel has knocked these invaders from the sky.

They believe they can do the same in Iran.

What’s ahead? I believe Israel will not linger until they are thoroughly endangered. Don’t expect them to wait on the United States.

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