In responding to the possibility of an American attack, Syria attempted to link Israel to the forthcoming predicted assault, calling it an American-Israeli venture and implying they will attack Israel if the strike comes. Of course, Israel has nothing to do with what America may do. Syria is only trying to whip up sympathy for their position (Even the Arab League doesn’t want anything to do with them).  However, the Syrian threat raises the question of Israel’s preparation and protection from missile attacks from Syrian or Hezbollah should that become a possibility.

            The answer is that Israel is ready.

The “Iron Dome” system has already proven highly effective and on the cutting edge of missile defense. No one in the world has any comparable tool that will detect, track, and intercept the type of short range rockets that are the backbone of the Islamic jihad arsenal. In March, three Iron Dome batteries in southern Israel intercepted more that 60 rockets fired from Gaza, a success rate of nearly 90%.  This weapon, along with other missile defense systems not under protection, will force Israel’s enemies to think twice about investing in rockets that cannot penetrate the national boundaries.

In other words, Syria can scream all it wishes, but Israel can stop them in the air. End of story.

This system also has another advantage. If those 60 rockets had hit Israel, there would have been a national outcry demanding a ground offensive in Gaza. The results would have not been good. However, this weapon provides what is being called “diplomatic maneuverabilty” All options can be considered and explored before a response becomes necessary.

The weapon system was developed essentially by three Israelis who are part of one of Israel’s three leading technological teams. Currently, the short-ranged Katyusha and Kassam missiles have been rendered useless in doing damage inside Israel.  Far from finished, they continue to develop other systems that give the nation the capacity to hit both airplanes and other types of flying projectiles.

Since Israel is leading the pack in developing such weapons, the question has been raised as to how they have developed such a weapon ahead of other nations. One of the three leaders of the team that built the weapon explained the country’s  need required speed and adaptability, The secret of their success was having the daring to let nothing stop them from getting the job done. They had courage and chutzpah.

Syria better pay attention least they underestimate what a little chutzpah can do.

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