BLOG 257 June 15, 2015

Today’s blog is slightly off the usual track and broader than the Middle East, but I thought it might help in reading some of the more obscure signs of the times.  Free societies still face challenges in discerning the truth. Of course, this blog’s purpose is to maintain objectivity and sort out what is happening behind the curtains. Today’s blog aims behind the scenes.

Before we get started: If you missed it, Saudi Arabia shot down a missile fired from Yemen by the Houthi rebels. Yemen hasn’t been on the media much lately, but there’s plenty of activity going on. Since late March, the Saudis have exchanged fire across the Yemini border a number of times. The firing of a Scud has raised fears that the Yemini rebels have started an escalating pattern of violence that could lead to an expansion of the war.

While the Saudis claimed to have destroyed the Houthis’ supply of heavy and ballistic weapons, the missile firing undermined those claims. However, immediately after the Scud was knocked out, Saudi warplane located and destroyed the missile launcher. Who knows what comes next. Stay tuned.

A year ago I was driving from Jerusalem to the Tel Aviv airport when I noticed a new large expensive mosque that had been built in a small village just beyond  Jerusalem. I inquired how the obviously lavish  mosque had been built in such a small poor village. I discovered the entire structure  was a gift from Vladimir Putin to the Muslims. Putin in Israel? Really? Afraid so – but on the behalf of the Palestinians.

I made a mental note. Don’t underestimate Putin –ever!

President George Bush said he looked into Putin’s soul. Political nonsense. If he had, Bush would have run for the door.

The latest revelation about Putin’s backdoor approach was explored in the Sunday, June 7, magazine section of The New York Times. The writer Adrian Chen had stumbled on to a nondescript office building in Russia’s St. Peterburg that actually housed a full time working Troll force whose job is to invade the world-wide internet and post deceptive and untruthful accounts of imaginary events that discredited the United States and spread misconceptions around the world.

Last September 11, the internet carried a disaster story occurring in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Toxic chemicals were reported from a plant called Columbia Chemical. The internet lit up with hundreds of responses decrying the danger. Of course, none of the story was true and the responses bogus. The hoax was not a simple prank but one story from a highly coordinated disinformation campaign in which  “Trolls” spend hours sending out lies, deceit, and deception. A similar story came out about an Ebola outbreak in Atlanta, Georgia. The trolls were coming!

The word “trolls” emerged out of the ‘90’s to describe internet abusers. Russia’s Internet Research Agency has now “industrialized the art of trolling.” By the way, those trolls in St. Petersburg have no idea who runs their company. They just print what is handed to them. Guess who started those anti-American, anti-Israel stories?

Putin, the former KGB agent, should get the Gobbels Nazi award this year for disinformation. Make no mistake about it, Putin is at war with the USA and is walking behind the scenes in Israel.

Don’t stay tuned to what you can’t check out –this junk from Russia will cloud your mind.

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  1. cheril228

    More “inside information”to be aware of!! Thanks again for another very informative blog. Keep us posted!!

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