Blog 261 July 11, 2015

If you missed it, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter testified on Capitol Hill about Presidents Obama’s policy with President Assad. What Carter had to say exposed the contradiction in Obama’s policy toward Syria. Obama has done virtually nothing for four years to remove Assad. His worst mistake was drawing a line than retreating and asking Putin to help. Putin’s answer was to take Crimea. Carter said they are doing nothing to remove Assad. He testified the US has spent $36 million dollars to train 60 fighters.

History may judge the Obama administration as harshly on its handling of Syria as it does Nevelle Chamberlin on his failure with Hitler.

Moving on–

Israel has just announced an amazing breakthrough discovery that can give sight to the sight. Cohen Arazi has developed a technology that promises to restore sight to many visually impaired persons. Sounding like a bionic body part from a science fiction movie, a microchip is inserted in the eye tht is about one quarter the size of a postage stamp. Inserting the chip requires only a simple 20 minute procedure. The microchip is powered by wireless electrical energy transmitted from a battery in a pair of glasses. Operating like a minature camera, the chip decodes light images and send them to the brain at the rate of about 600 pixels. Arazi has a goal of raising that rate to 2,000 pixels.

Chinese investors from the Ping An insurance Company are investing in the promotion and manufacture of the product. The current five-year health care plan of the Chinese government is committed to an investment of $70 billion dollars in health care. Cohen Arazi is well funded.

Turning the page: Israel has a serious race relations problem. For 2,000 years Ethiopian Jews prayed for a return to their homeland. Thirty-one years ago, Operation Moses brought the first group of refugees home. Other groups of Ethiopians followed. Of course, Ethiopians are dark-shined with coal-black hair and would be considered as blacks in the United States. Today 40% of prisoners in the Ofek Juvenile Prison are Ethiopians. Youth as young as 10 to 12 drop out of school because of problems they encounter with the system. Only 25% of Israelis actually want to Iive next to the Ethiopians. Consequently, the immigrants end up in weaker neighborhoods and virtually live in ghettos. Exposure of police brutality against Ethiopians exploded last April. Demonstrations against the police inTel Aviv left 60 people injured.

Life is not working out well for Ethiopian Jews!

Israel is facing a serious racial problem that is now on a par with this springs American demonstrations in Baltimore after a black man died in Police custody. The Jewish nation can ill afford to lose some of it finest sons and daughters. Feeling disconnect and alienated, the Ethopian situation is a serious issue that the country must now face up to. Prime Minister Netanyahu has expressed concern. The issue is what will he and the country do next.

Stay tuned.

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