BLOG 268 August 31, 2015

Been getting those commercials on the Iran Nuclear negotiations? One side says don’t do it: the other side says it’s the best deal since spaghettini. My suggestion? Jettison both sides. Commercials designed to sell you baked beans and cars are no place for an issues that is so complicated that the top politicians and world leaders are still trying to figure it out. This isn’t a battle over whether a “Happy Meal” is better than a “Whooper.”

Both Republicans and Democrats need to cut the self-serving political chatter and start studying the details instead of simply “popping off!” So, let’s take another look.

Twenty-nine of the nation’s top scientists including Nobel laureates wrote a letter to President Obama calling the agreement innovative and stringent. These are the most knowledgeable experts working with arms control and nuclear weaponry. Most of these signators are physicists and have the highest security clearances, giving them access to the countries most sensitive data on nuclear armaments. The words “innovative” and “stringent” were used more than six times. Their conclusion was that this agreement will advance peace and security in the Middle East. These scientists concluded the agreement allows for effective challenges of any suspected activity on the part of Iran. They believe the plan includes important long-term verification procedures.

One of the more recent troubling factors is that Russia has just agreed to provide state-of-the-art S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. A the same time, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated his pledge to support any group fighting Israel. As the world knows, Iran is the primary source of support for terrorists. The Supreme Leader isn’t backing down and Russia is stuffing missiles in his back pocket.

The Russians claim the missiles are purely defensive weapons. They were not give to Syria because it might have posed a threat against airplanes coming and going from Ben-Gurion Airport. So, the Russians are now calling the same weapons defensive? Who’s kidding who?

One of the generally unpublished factors about Iran in the ten-year moratorium is that the thirty- years of age and under are the fastest growing segment of Iran’s population. This group generally tend to be secular and are not in favor of the imposed style and leadership of Khamenei and his mullahs. Aging this young group by another ten years will pressure the current government even more.

Could ten-years make that must difference? Yes, it could.

The problem is that when one listens to Obama and Netanyahu they both present a strong case for their positions. If any nation knows what it is to be wiped out by anti-Semitism, it certainly is Israel. The matter is deadly serious. On the other hand, Obama represents a view currently held by the majority of the American public. No more war.

Now is the hour to put politics aside. Cut out the snide asides. Can the commercials. Stop making irresponsible statements. And start reading the fine print in the document detailing the Iran Nuclear Arms deal.

Will the politicians voting on this matter do so?

They better.

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One response to “WHAT’S THE TRUTH?

  1. cheril228

    Agreed!! Yes, they better! I fear for Israel if constraints are not tended to properly. With Iran’s rhetoric about the Big Satan and the Little Satan continues, as it shall, we mist be very very careful and cautious.

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