BLOG 269 September 7, 2015

Shin Bet, Israel’s Security Agency, recently hit the jackpot. A Hamas fighter and tunnel digger was captured at the Erez crossing into northern Gaza. Interrogation by the security agency revealed a significant amount of information about what Hamas is currently doing and planning in attacks on Israel as well as their involvement with Iran.

The latest disclosures by twenty-one-year-old Sha’ar gave Israel important insights into what Hamas has been working on in Gaza and Rafah. The Hamas operative also revealed plans about tunnels developed to cross the border and attack Israel. Hamas had previously used this tactic in their assaults on Israel.

Israel now knows inside details on potential battlefield perspectives and the capabilities of their so-called “elite infantry” units. In addition, Shin Bet learned about anti-aircraft surveillance. Once again, the terrorist organization Hamas received a major set back.

Most important, the captive disclosed details on how Iran funds the Hamas operation. Tehran transfers money to many Islamists organizations as well as supplying firearms and electronics. In particular, Iran supplied electronic jamming devices to effect radio frequencies. The used of this equipment was meant to shoot down Israeli Air Force drones. The captured young man also described Iran training Hamas fighters for hang glider attacks on Israel.

Score One for Shin Bet!

Obviously, Israel has a security problem that demands constant attention. The signing of the nuclear arms treaty with Iran doesn’t stop Tehran from continuing to creating the problem discovered from this interrogation.  It now appears that Obama will be able to keep Congress from stifling this agreement. Obama wins: Netanyahu losses. But the threat to Israel continues. However, Iran has a larger goal. They are attempting to export the Shi’ite position into the Arab world that is largely Sunni. They have made significant inroads in Lebanon through the Hezbollah militia and in Syria by supporting Assad’s Alawite regime (though things aren’t going well for Assad). They struck in Yemen with the Houthis. The Arab Sunni states are keenly aware of this effort and what is coming their way if it isn’t stopped. Saudi ground troops are now in Yemen leading a coalition against Houthis troops. Ten Saudi soldiers were killed this week.

Both Israel and America make a distinction between the current Iranian regime and the Iranian people who for the most part want freedom from religious coercion. Israel is more concerned that the releasing of huge sums of money accrued through sanctions that will possibly be used by Iran to further this reign of terror.

To stop this continued erosion of stability, Sunni Arab states must cooperate and the US should lead in consolidating their support. The Obama Administration has been far too slow in responding to this need. The Western world and the and the Sunni Arab nations can forge a joint plan of action that will contain Iranian aggression. However, they must act soon.

Such an approach would be good for the entire world.

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