BLOG 285 January 11, 2016

A New Year has begun and for many the expectations are low which is realistic. for the Middle East. So, how can we set our sails for the year ahead? Let’s start with Israel.

Sorry. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on the down side.

The past has demonstrated that Bebe is a pragmatist and pessimist. His encounter with the American presidency revealed Obama is an idealist and optimist. Pessimism came from the Holocaust and Bebe’s brother Yonatan being killed in the infamous Entebbe raid. Obama is a Christian with a Muslim father. He thought working with the Muslim rebels might be like Dad coming home for Thanksgiving. The result was a collision that not only didn’t solve any issues while wrecking Netanyahu’s truck and hurting Israel with the current administration. Both men were wrong.

Netanyahu is brilliant, a clever politician and strategists who is not only highly manipulative, but presumptive enough even to stick his nose into American politics. One of the reasons Israel was excluded from the Iran negotiations was concern over his recklessness and duplicity, all of which became highly visible in his by-passing the administration and speaking directly to Congress. He made the Republicans happy (who were seeking their own political advantage) while infuriating an entire branch of the American government. Many American Jews said he didn’t speak for them. Obviously, Bebe’s gamble proved to be a big mistake.

While he is considered one of the most influential Jews and people in the world, he has trouble at home. Bebe has failed to rein in the increasing high cost of living with soaring housing prices. The rift between left and right wings continues to grow. His constant changing of the system for electing the Knesset list has only been consistent with his own objectives. The result increases his power base at a cost to the nation. His many flip-flops in position and playing the race card in the last election have exposed him as highly politically manipulative. The bottom line is that Netanyahu has been promoting an undemocratic political environment in his own backyard. To put it another way, his actions have not been good for the future of the state of Israel.

As Netanyahu vehemently announced that Israel is not bound by the Nuclear Agreement with Iran, the International community made its own response. The world and certainly the Obama administration do not believe Israel is serious about a two state solution to the Palestinian problem. They see Netanyahu’s promises as political manipulation with no intention of bringing a resolution. Today he is considered the “double-talk” politician which means his status is near the bottom.

Am I being too pessimistic? Only 2016 will reveal the answer. As always, these blogs attempt to present a balanced, objective view of the situation. I’d be delighted to be proven incorrect in my assessment. Unfortunately, few people ever change. I do not believe Netanyahu will prove me wrong.

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