Blog 328 December 5, 2016


            During the last two blogs, I’ve been evaluating attitudes and what is possibly ahead with the election of Donald Trump as the president-elect. With his hostility toward Alex Baldwin’s comic portrayals on Saturday Night Live, Trump appears to be as thin-skinned as projected earlier. However, the impact of changing administrations on the world is no laughing matter.

Obviously, Syria, Egypt, Russia, China, as well as Iran are considering the same questions. Iran has certainly taken Trump’s campaign rhetoric seriously. Within hours of his acceptance of the position, Iran demanded that the U.S. maintain what had been negotiated. The nuclear issue has to be at the top of the list in worries and considerations.

One of the largest open military secrets in the world is Israel’s nuclear weapons program. Even in the late ‘60s, the Pentagon was more than a little agitated about might be ahead. The National Security Archive at George Washington University recently released documents concerning the tension within the Nixon administration over Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons. A memo was sent to Melvin Laird (then Secretary of Defense) from Pentagon officials and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warning Israel’s nuclear capacity could destabilize the region. It is still not clear why President Nixon did not follow these advisers.

In this past election, the Republican Party has again revised the script. In their platform no mention was made of a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. They declared Israel was not occupying Judea and Samaria. Trump has already declared he would move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Trump appears willing to end any US conflicts with Israel over the Iran nuclear deal and how West Bank settlements should be handled.

A new start indeed!

What can the public expect? First, Trump will have far more freedom to do as he pleases on these issues with a Republican controlled House and Senate. He holds all the cards. Second, a right-wing government in America will be able to function more in accord with a right-wing government in Israel. Expect open hostility to end. Third, Palestinian diplomatic warfare against Israel will be stymied. Israel is clearly in the driver’s seat again. Possibly, the threat from Iran may be decreased (note the word possibly). The hot rhetoric always continues for the home-town crowd, but genuine actions probably will be on the way down.

The Israeli left-wing has consistently declared that the state’s rule in the West Bank is a threat to the country’s future. Trump’s presidency will be a blow to this position within Israel. Israel won’t be backing off.

And Israel’s secret (which everybody knows) nuclear program will continue. THE BOMB remains a looming threat. Hmm. Interesting.

Stay tuned.

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