BLOG 397 June 4, 2018

    What is going on with the recent demonstrations of citizens in Gaza attacking the Israeli wall and army patrols? Is this actually a result of Israeli repressed Palestinians suffering under the cruel hand of suppressors?

Far from it.

Hamas stole control of the Gaza area from the PA (Palestinian Authority) over a decade ago. The weak leadership of Mahmoud Abbas couldn’t keep Ismail Radwan’s Hamas soldiers out. Using funds from Iran, Radwan became a billionaire while leading Gaza back to the Stone Age.

Gaza has deteriorated in the last decade. No question about it. However, this is a result of Hamas control along with Iran’s financing. Egypt sealed the borders with Gaza because Hamas constantly tried to smuggle in rockets and weapons. The problem has always been Hamas.

Ismail Radwan urged protesters not to fear death, but welcome martyrdom. On April 6, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar called Gaza citizens to “tear down the wall and tear out their (Israelis’) hearts.”

Why have women and children been rushing the Jewish wall around their nation as well as Israeli soldiers, resulting in Palestinians being shot in the legs? There’s your answer.

The so-called “March of Return” is actually a new tactic in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle called “sharp power.” The term originally was used to describe undermining liberal democracies by subversion, manipulation, and lies used by dictatorships. An example of this is the Russian intervention in the US 2016 presidential elections. Russia exploited freedom of expression to promote Trump. Now Hamas does the same by claiming the women and children rushing Israeli troops are helpless victims of oppression. The truth is the exact opposite.

Hamas is attempting to undermine Israel’s right to self-defense.

If the Western media is soft on this issue and accepts Hamas’ lies and distortion, then public opinion will be turned against Israel. To put it another way, if Hamas cannot prevail against Israel, why not sacrifice a few women and children for the sake of better public relations? That’s the strategy!

Sound brutal, bizarre, and barbaric?

You got it!

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