BLOG 398 June 11, 2018


    These blogs always attempted to give an objective, balanced view of the Middle East situation whether it reflects my personal values or not. The current Gaza demonstrations have often been reported in the media as an example of Israel repressing the Palestinians. Speaking objectively, this is not true. Israeli soldiers are shown shooting Palestinians rushing at the border wall with sling shots and burning tires, giving the appearance of Israel being the provokers and callous bullies. Again, this simply is not true.

Alan Dershowitz (a former US attorney & now resident in Israel) recently asked why the media keeps encouraging Hamas violence. Dershowitz alluded to the fact that Hamas orchestrates these Palestinian attacks fundamentally for public relations purposes with the West. Hamas leaders did not conceal the fact that assaults against Israel and the border wall would generate a high number of civilian casualties. Hamas encourages the citizens of Gaza to become martyrs because their deaths puts a more sympathetic face on the terrorist group. The death of Palestinians creates headlines even if was caused by their own rebellious actions.

A recent cartoon presented the truth about the difference between Israel and Hamas. An Israeli soldier is depicted standing in front of a baby carriage shielding a baby. The Hamas terrorist is standing behind the baby carriage using the baby to shield him.

Hamas has used the demise of children to their full advantage. Dershoswitz makes the point that Hamas will continue to employ the “dead baby strategy” as long as the media fails to report the whole story about why citizens in Gaza are attacking Israel’s legal border. The media must recognize that Hamas controls Gaza and has done nothing to restore the cities since the last revolt in Gaza. While many of the citizens of Gaza do live in squalor, the leaders of Hamas live in splendor.

Moreover, do not forget that Israel conquered the Gaza area, but under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave the area back to the Palestinians. Many Jews objected, but Sharon saw it as the moral alternative. What happened? The people of Gaza started and continue to shoot rockets at Israel.

While the death of any citizen of the West Bank or Israel is a tragedy, Israel does have the moral obligation to prevent infiltration that would leave towns and villages vulnerable. If inflamed mobs rushed across the border, the death toll would skyrocket. Israel has a right to protect their border and their citizens from spontaneous assaults.

The media must remember that the Palestinians have consistently refused to negotiate any settlement of their struggle with Israel. Yasser Arafat walked out of negotiations that would have finished the issue because their ultimate objective has always been the annihilation of the state of Israel and all of its citizens. Israel does understand that fact.

What will come next? Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will soon be forced to step down either because of age or coercion. You can bet Hamas will come rolling in with burning fires and guns blazing. Get ready for the “dead baby” scenario to be replayed full tilt.

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