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November 1, 2021


Having traveled and worked in the Middle East since l968, Robert Wise has journeyed through the region, giving him insights from behind the scenes. Two of his sons taught in Jordan and Lebanon. Each week he attempts to present an objective view of current events.


You might be surprised to discover where you money is actually going. Here’s the latest in what happening in American investments with foreign money.

Hamas is concealing secret foreign investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars in seemingly legitimate businesses, The Jerusalem Post reported. If the West cracked down on these investments and the countries facilitating them, some of the Gaza-based terrorist group’s destructive activities could be impaired, reported also on the Double Cheque website and from former Mossad officials.

Intelligence information indicates that from the early 2000s until 2018, Hamas controlled some 40 commercial companies in Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria and Sudan. Most of the companies involved were in the real-estate and infrastructure sectors. Through the companies, Hamas managed huge projects and had a reliable way to conceal around $500 million in assets, the article said.

Double Cheque was established to “provide a service for business and intelligence companies as well as financial and regulatory bodies interested in maintaining legitimate business activities and avoiding illegal deals,” its website says. Although there is little information about the personnel who run the website, much of its information is based on intelligence sources.

Prior to 2015, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and other Gulf states allowed their business and banking sectors to be used by Hamas to raise funds that could later be used for its terrorist activities. But from 2015-2016, the Saudis shifted their position, leading Hamas to move the bulk of its investment operations to Turkey. Algeria continues to be a major source of foreign investment revenue for Hamas. Sudan appears to have cut back much of its support for these activities since the warming of relations between Jerusalem and Khartoum in 2020.

Double Cheque reported, “Hamas has chosen to manage its secret investment portfolio in Turkey because of the weak financial system in Turkey, which enables Hamas to hide its money-laundering activity and tax violations from the regulatory bodies. The details of the Hamas operatives mentioned in the documents of the portfolio’s companies prove that this is a false portfolio. “In total, there are nine Hamas operatives who are members of more than 18 companies. One operative holds key positions in as many as 13 different companies, all controlled by Hamas’s secret investment portfolio.”

The Double Cheque investigation unmasked how Hamas “succeeded in systematically deceiving tax authorities, institutions, and clients in Europe and the Middle East for two decades by establishing its financial investment portfolio.”

Interesting picture of how turmoil in the Middle East is hard to stop. Ever wonder what those terrorists at the top take to the bank every week?

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