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            One of  my fascinating memories of Jerusalem is strolling through the Mount of Olives. Because some of the trees literally date back to the first century, there’s an aura of the mystical about the area. Unfortunately, the epiphanic went up in smoke on Sunday night in that section of Jerusalem.

Seven firebombs were hurled into Jewish homes. The masked terrorist carried ten firebombs and managed to throw seven at ground floor apartments in a compound. Security guards fired in the air and sent the man running. Controversy followed as to whether the guards should have shot to kill. While not a large enough incident to attract Western journalists, the incident was indicative of continuing Jewish struggles.

A larger issue is the emergence of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). The group’s existence became more widely known after one of their activist’s confrontation with an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) office. We will probably hear more about them.

Coming from Denmark, the ISM is a pacifist group promoting the “Palestinian cause.” Wikipedia describes them as a nonviolent protest group standing on the Palestinian side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, the group includes anarchists who openly support terrorism. In their own website, they state their intention is to resist Israeli occupation. Their mission statement supports armed struggle as a right of the Palestinian Authority Arabs. One of the articles states, “Non-violent resistance is no less noble than carrying out a suicide operation.”

In other words, smile at the soldiers if it helps the cause; kill ‘em if you have to. Can a group really have it both ways? Sounds like they’ll accept whoever wants to join regardless of their motives (An weapons). A tad contradictory?

ISM activists also promote the cause of Iran, including Iran’s geopolitical goals against the United States. Those objectives may well become the “crunch” if the group goes far enough so that it is no longer ignored.

Journalist Lee Kaplan reports, “The ISM has built a network across our nation’s (America) colleges.” Campus club-type organizations with names like Muslim Students Union and Students for Justice in Palestine are on major campuses where support is given to terrorists groups like Hamas.

Possibly, the ISM movement will dissolve like fog and disappear in the light of day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Such student groups come and go, depending on the climate. Like the Black Panthers, most have a loud growl in the beginning and then their energy wanes as the political climate changes. It’s been awhile since students reacted violently in the college setting. Maybe, the time isn’t right –then again!

Should the ISM attempt to create more disturbances in Israel, you will have heard of them and have some idea of what’s going on. Knowing who activists are and what their ultimate objectives will be helps making sense out of what we hear from the media. Stay aware should the ISM try to make a grab for the headlines.


Question: Have you previously recognized the appearance of similar groups claiming one objective while pursuing another? Could the ISM cause real difficulty in Israel?

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            You wake up in the morning when you land in Israel and quickly discover how many important events have slipped through the cracks back in the USA. Regardless of Al Jazeera, CNN, and you name it, Americans tend to lived in an insular world. We know nothing of the wars in Africa or the  escalating tensions in the Middle East unless they directly affect us. The result is that the average citizen is caught short when the earth blows open. Don’t we need to remedy that situation?

Let’s start by noting an unreported but important situations in Israel.

Last fall, the PLO petitioned the United Nations for recognition as a state. The appeal has gone nowhere with the result that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas just wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claiming Israeli actions have stripped the Palestinian Authority  of its raison d’etre, its reason for existence.

Abbas stated, “As a result of actions taken by successive Israeli governments, the Palestinian National Authority no longer has any authority, and no meaningful jurisdiction in the political, economic territorial and security spheres. … In other words, the PA lost its raison d’etere which, if it continues, will make it unable to honor its commitments.” Abbas refers to the 1993 Olso Accords which brought about the creation of the PA.

What’s going on here?

If memory serves me right, during the Clinton Administration generous offers were made to the Palestinians that would have even given East Jerusalem to them but Yasser Arafat walked out. Privately, he held the view that the Palestinians would never agree until they could reclaim all of  the land the state of Israel sits on. Or, to put it in the words of Abba Ebon, “the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They repeatedly sabotaged their own right to existence.

So, what’s really happening here?

Possibly, the Palestinians are creating a rationale for backing out of their previous agreements. We know Hamas and Hezbollah have become the real power brokers in the West Bank. Gaza has turned into a world unto itself. In his letter, Abbas truthfully asserts Israel keeps planting new settlements on disputed land. However, Israel is making the point that time (contrary to Arafat’s view) is not on their side. The longer they wait, the less there is to bargain for.

In reality, Abbas may be reacting to the fact that much of the world has lost interest in the Palestinian cause. The recent Arab Spring has pointed to the real problems in the Middle East and world leaders are no longer paying much attention to Abbas.

As the Abbas letter arrived, Netanyahu sought a face-to-face meeting with Abbas and his office expressing hope for raising the level of talks.  Exchanges have been frozen since Jordan hosted a series of exploratory meetings between the two sides.

Having watched these empty negotiations on both sides for some time, I must conclude that Arafat (who took 3 billion dollars to the grave with him) is the real culprit. His behavior exposed the fact that the Palestinians will accept nothing less that the abolishment of Israel. Sorry boys. Ain’t gonna happen! (536 words)


Question: Is there any way the world can help the Palestinians wake up to the impossible position they have put themselves in? Should Israel reverse itself in some way to jump start negotiations?

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Blog 22



            As a child, I thought calling someone “the grand mufti” was joking around. Turns out, it’s a bad joke! If you haven’t heard of Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, you will want to know about his role in the early days of the formation of the state of Israel. This Palestinian became an instigator of the Holocaust.

Why should you know about him? In November 2008, a set of blueprints for the Auschwitz extermination camp signed by SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler turned up in a Berlin apartment being renovated. In an affluent quarter of Berlin during the Third Reich, the building originally belonged to Haj Amin al-Hussein. We know for a certainty that during the war years of 1941-1945, the Haj was living in Berlin. An Auschwitz survivor testified that he saw the grand mufti visit the death camp along with Himmler in 1943.

On my first trip to Israel in 1968, the world I found in the country was closer to the one the mufti came from than what exists today. Much of the Old City remained under piles of dirt and the streets looked like 1945. Today, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have caught up with the 21st century. If Haj Husseini had his way, these changes would never have occurred.

With a wealthy family holding land in Southern Palestine, Husseini’s family  produced mayors for Jerusalem in the early 20th century. Husseini emerged as the Grand Mufti (a scholar with authority to issue legal opinions or fataawas in Islam) and controlled the Islamic Court in Palestine. In the ‘20s and ‘30s, he opposed the immigration of Jews to Palestine.

Husseini’s goal? The Palestinian sought a declaration from the Nazis creating the future independence of an Arab state in which he would be the Fuhrer of the Arabs.

The racial pseudo-science of the Nazi placed the Arabs in the same boat with the Jews because both were “Semites.” Aware of the snub, Husseini asked the Germans to use “anti-Judaism” instead of  “anti-Semitism.” He didn’t get far.

The mufti’s hands were in every attempt to annihilate the Jewish community. With his extensive intelligence network, he had to be privy to top-secret Final solution arrangements. As the Nazi’s began losing the war, Husseini stepped up his efforts to no avail. However, his intervention ensured all migrating Jew were sent to Poland rather than allowed to enter Palestine. During the post-war period, Husseini dodged criminal justice and barely escaped prosecution at the Nuremberg war crimes trial.

In Klaus Gensicke’s The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazis, blame for the Palestinian flight in l948 is placed squarely on Husseini’s shoulders. The Palestinian exodus discredited Husseini’s leadership which ended up being replaced by the PLO. In l974, he died in Beirut, Lebanon. His schemes to elevate himself and his family only clouded the true political situation in Palestine and actually paved the way for Israel to arise out of the ashes of what had been Palestine.

While unworthy of positive commemoration, Haj Amin al-Husseini remains an appropriate symbol of the hate Israel has endured.


Do you any resemblance between Husseini, Yashar Arafat, and any current Palestinian leaders?

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As the week of March 5 began, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee brought 14,000 American Jews together to bring super-charged pressure to bear on the Obama administration and Republican hopefuls, pushing them to stop Iran’s nuclear pursuits of a bomb. Mr. Obama had Prime Minister Netanyahu waiting for him at the White House, intending to squeeze from the other side. Mr. Obama emerged from the ringer with the most forthright statement yet about the possibilities of an American attack on Iran. I listened in relief to hear President Obama made an unequivocal statement to keep Iran out of the nuclear club.

But what if Iran charges ahead and attempts to drop missiles on Israel?

Good news from the home front!

Former head of the Defense Ministry’s Home Missile Defense Agency, Arieh Herzog told The Jerusalem Post Israel’s Arrow missile defense system could intercept barrages of Iranian long-range missiles. While there is no such thing as 100% defense, Herzog believes the Arrow system is fully capable of stopping Iran’s Shahab and Sajil ballistic missiles.With 12-years on the job under his belt, Herzog knows what he’s talking about.

Currently, Israel has two operational Arrow missile batteries deployed in the north and the south of the country. A third battery is currently being installed. An Arrow 3 system is currently under development that will serve as the upper layer of Israel’s protection system. The existence of such a system gives me encouragement. Israel is prepared!

Iran has made significant advances in developing ballistic missiles that now have a range of 1,200 miles. They have also switched from liquid fuel to solid fuel which allows for storage without refueling before a launch. After purchasing BM25 long-range missiles from North Korea, Iran has gone into production of similar projectiles. It is also believed Iran is developing cruise missiles. However, Israel is also developing a sophisticated response to Iranian warheads that can split during flight designed to deceive the Arrow system, causing Israel to miss the target. However, Herzog noted Israel is developing technology to counter this threat.

If the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) should attack Iran, it is assumed that missiles could be fired from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, as well as Iran. Herzog tells us the Arrow system is prepared for this event as well as stopping Syria’s Scud C and D missiles. What can we conclude from the former Defense secretary’s statements?

1. Israel is not backing off of its stated intentions of stopping Iran’s pursuit of the      “bomb.”

2. The IDF is already at work batting down the hatches for a response to any attack.

3. Israel is in a superior position to defend itself.

Sounds like the Iranians better think twice. Maybe backing up on there nuclear program might not be such a bad idea.

Earlier, I blogged that an attack by Israel is at hand. During Mr. Obama’s closed door discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the president pressed for more time to allow sanctions to work. Rational people are praying Mr. Obama is correct. No one wants a war. However, we also do not know what actual decisions the new leaders came to during their conversations. As he returned to Israel, the Prime Minister made it clear that Israel was willing to allow more time for sanctions to work – but only a little!



Even with a significant missile defense system, is Israel throwing the dice in attacking Iran? Could the Iran problem push the Middle East into a maelstrom of chaos?

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During the week of March 5, Senator John McCain called on Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to start military action in Syria. McCain seemed irritated at Panetta’s hesitancy. However, the secretary retorted that he had to give long and careful thought to sending American military into of harm’s way. McCain retorted that what Panetta had left out of his reply was the need for America to maintain its military superiority and pre-eminence in the world. I noticed the press didn’t give much space to this two-man debate.

As I stated in beginning these blogs, I am not promoting a political point-of-view or a theological ideology. My objective is to clarify the current situation in as correct and comprehensive a light as possible. Therefore, I’m not debating whether saving lives is more important that maintaining global pre-eminence. I leave it to you sort out whether you feel McCain or Panetta were on the right track. My concern is highlighting a serious situation that continues to escalate. As noted earlier, the Russian and Chinese vetoes at the United Nations have only resulted in more deaths.

Through a personal conversation this week with a Muslim born, raised, and now living near Syria, I had the fact confirmed that Syria has called in Iranian troops that are major players in the atrocities occurring daily. Iranian soldiers have raped many Syrian women suspected as supporting the uprising. I listened to a Syrian cleric in a Friday sermon in a Mosque proclaim, “What a humiliated life a man has when his sisters are being raped and his brother oppressed and their dignity and religion is trampled over.” The clergyman was urging his hearers to rise up and not wait for NATO to protect them. His point was the audience in the mosque must assert themselves to fight against the invaders from Iran.

Well-fed Americans sitting on comfortable leather couches watching large screen televisions in climate-controlled houses have a hard time grasping the terror these good people face because they could be killed at any moment by a rocket dropping indiscriminately on their roof. Syrian government troops running down the street could kill them with mortars or automatic weapon fire while randomly targeting any house. Such is the current situation in Syria.

What should be done?

Unlike Libya, Syria has strategic importance because it sits in the midst of ethnic, religious, and regional rivalries that could turn the entire region upside down. If the Assad regime topples, it could send the entire area into a tail spin. A proxy war might pit the gulf states and Saudi Arabia against Iran. Who knows where that conflict could go?

Israelis worry while juggling their problems with Iran’s nuclear program. They must consider what a change in the leadership in the Syrian government could mean for their nation.

So, I return to Senator John McCain’s question. Is this the right time for American intervention? While I certainly have no knowledge that this assertion is true, my hunch is that the United States has already begun sending military supplies to the insurgents behind the scenes. If this is correct, we have another of those old “under the table” wars going on with the Russians.

Does that make your stomach churn? It does mine.



Should the United States enter the Syrian conflict? Can the world standby and allow innocent people to be killed?

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The Smoking Gun in Syria

The Smoking Gun in Syria


Everyone morning when I turn on the television, I get a new episode of the Syrian story, relating more data on how many the government has killed of its own people. The survivors call for international help, but relief doesn’t come. The United Nations failed to stop the war. (Thanks to Russian and Chinese vetos) The lack of response only affirmed Israel’s belief that the UN cannot be counted on to prevent war and make peace. So, putting my newspaper aside, I ask myself, “Who owns the smoking gun in Syria?”

Surprise ! Surprise! It’s the Russians!

Like a chapter straight out of the old Cold War days, the Russians are once again standing behind the curtains, trying to act anonymous but not able to pull it off. The spot light is on Moscow.

Here’s the bottom line.

The Russians have been providing arms to Syria for years. Soviet-designed truck-mounted rocket launchers, rifles, self-propelled howtizers, etc. come in the front door everyday from Russia. During the attack on Homs, the American state department released statellite images of Soviet-era tanks and rocket launchers aiming at the city. Sure enough, Ivan the Terrible was at work again.

The fact is now clear that without Russia’s backing, including food, medical supplies, and equipment, the Assad regime would essentially be finished. Russian armaments are prolonging the war. Deputy Defense Secretary Anatoly Antonov insisted no Russian weapons were used against the resurgents  in Syria, but of course he offered no proof. Another old Cold War tactic.

What do the Russians get out of the struggle?  Rosoboronexport, a Russian state-owned weapons trading company, has been shipping to Syria while raking in a hefty income for Russia. Whether you call it rubles, dollars, or whatever, it’s big income for Russia.  A veteran security specialist at the Congressional Research Service noted that the value of Russian Arms more than doubled from 2007-2010 returning of $4.7 billion to Russia. No small potatoes there! More than two million Russians are employees in the arms production business. Can’t afford to offend that huge section of the electorate either!

We might note in passing that the only remaining military installation outside of the former Soviet territory is a naval station at Tartus in Northern Syria. Interesting.

Why have the Russians so forcefully resisted an arms embargo against Syria? That one’s not hard to figure out! Ivan doesn’t want anyone toying with his bank account. What raises the ante is that the Russians lost billions of dollars of arms business because of the sanctions against Iran and the fall of Libya. However, after the fall of Qaddafi, Syria increased purchases including buying Yak-130 light attack planes for $550 million.

What do we have here? That old smoke-filled backroom where the good old boys make deals is alive and well. Unfortunately, for Russia and Syria the world is fundamentally united against them. Even the Arab League opposes Assad’s actions. What’s next? I’m certainly not sure and I know of no one who is. However, you can bet the Russians will keep cranking the cash register.

The Soviet Union is gone, but the Russians remain the Russians. Smoking-gun and all.


Should the United States intervene and begin arming the rebels? If Russia continues to back the Syrian government, can we allow this balance of power to continue?


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Jews know what it feels like to have the press and public opinion against them. They’ve been faced with the problem forever.

France’s Dreyfus Case in the 1890’s sent Jewish Captain Alfred Dreyfus to Devil’s Island to live under hellish conditions. As the evidence demonstrated, Dreyfus was not guilty although convicted . In 1896, a French solider was discovered to be the real culprit. The anti-Semitism and injustice convinced Theodor Herzel that it was time to start a Jewish state and 50 years later Israel came into being.

Nothing new for Jews. Being blamed for something they didn’t do was an old story.

I’ve been following how events are reported internationally for over 40 years. After reading stories in the American press, I would turn to the Jerusalem Post (which I read religiously every week) and find a different view. I’m not promoting an attack on the press and I remain suspicious of people who react negatively every time a story comes out that they don’t like. However, I am pointing out that there has been a consistent misrepresentation of much that has happened in Israel. Often, it turns out that some journalist needed a story for headquarters and blews an anthill into a Himalayan mountain. I’ve been in Jerusalem and observed minor demonstrations in the Temple Mount area that were later reported as if they have been catastrophic warfare. My eyes told me a different story. Often a half-truth can be more destructive than an outright lie.

Recently, Jordan’s King Abdullah II blamed Israel for the deadlocked Mideast peace process. King Abdullah said the problem was Israel’s “unilateral policies.” He forgot to mention that Yassar Arafat had walked out of talks held by President Bill Clinton because Israel had offered him more than anyone expected, but Arafat knew the war would be over and he didn’t want to stop fighting Israel. Israelis left the Gaza Strip they had taken in battle and walked away. What did this offer get them? Rockets fired daily into Israelis cities. The PLO pulled out of peace talks this Fall and went to the United Nations in an end-around attempt to gain recognition as a nation. Israel didn’t pull out of the peace talks; the Palestinians did!

Our present problem is facing up to the current critical situation as Iran continues to pursue building a nuclear arsenal. Regardless of the American government talk about pressing sanctions, Israel knows that the Obama administration will not order US forces to take military action to stop Iran’s journey down a path that will lead to catastrophe. Israel must face up to the situation alone and without American support.

Nothing new – but it is distressing to say the least.

My point? Will Rogers may only have known what he read in a newspaper, but we can’t settle for that today. I’m suggesting that you take a broader view. Look at many newspapers, including the foreign press. Turn off the politicians running for national office as they’ll say anything to get a few votes. Build up a back log of data to inform you on what is the truth. The world has come to our doorstep. We need to be ready to decipher the issues!


Is the media possibly prejudiced? How can Israel get a fair deal with the press? Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers of see on television?

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Part Two

            A number of years ago, I was on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem standing near the Al-Aqsa Mosque when I was approached by a Muslim. The man’s eyes flashed with anger and he demanded that I leave the area. In turn, I told him I had as much right to be there as he did. As I watched his fists clench, I realized I was about to be seriously assaulted and backed off. In his opinion, I was an infidel. Could resistance have gotten me killed? On the spot!

In Part One, I insisted this blog isn’t about Muslim bashing. Rather, it is about clarifying why in recent years similar hostilities have become rampant. And they have!

The issue is not “Islamophobia” and misunderstanding Muslims assaults. Christians in many Muslim dominated nations live in constant fear. For example in Nigeria, Christians have been severely persecuted for a long time. A group called Boko Haram vowed to kill all Christians in Nigeria. Over 350 churches were destroyed. The government of Sudan tormented Christians for decades. Leaders in The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches had to flee Kenya with their families because of Muslim attacks. When Egyptian Coptic Christians, making up 11 percent of the population, marched in Cairo, Egyptian Security Forces drove their trucks into the crowd killing 24 people and injuring over 300. As Islamist prepared to take control in Egypt, over 200,000 Copts fled the country. Christian minorities had lost the protection of their societies.

Anti-Christian violence is a serious, growing, and under reported situation.

In America, the government owes protection to Muslim minorities. Everyone has the right to worship in anyway they choose. The problem is that ideal is not understood around the world. The February 13, 2012 special edition of Newsweek suggested the USA has leverage through the amount of aid and trade we have with these persecuting countries. With the billions of dollars we invest in these offending nations, the American government can pressure countries to no longer tolerate the “Christophobia” being practiced in their streets. Newsweek reported action is long overdue.

When I read these accounts and stories, they remind me of the fact that there is nothing new in these battles. It sounds like a return to the Crusades when Christian warriors on July 15, 1099 marched on Jerusalem and took the city after a bloody struggle with Muslims. Eventually Saladin the Magnificent recaptured the city in October 1187. Distrust, hate, and suspicion have not dampened over the centuries. In our time, we are experiencing another recurrence of these ancient battles.

How can we respond? Jews and Christians need to react according to their faiths and call for understanding and tolerance. We must not return an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Jesus taught that we should love our enemies. I don’t know of a better solution to this ancient crisis?


Is attempting to return love for hate too naive and unrealistic in these tense situations in the Middle East? What can we do to pressure the government to recognize and respond to the persecution of Christians by using economic and political pressure?

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Part One

            I want to be candid. What I’m sharing is not about Muslim bashing. I have Muslims in my family, and I have known high-minded Muslims of devout faith. I earnestly try not to interject theological or political persuasions in these blogs. My point is to bring clarity and understanding.

I am reminded that Anwar Sadat was a devout Muslim. What I am writing about are the type of Muslims who killed him.

Sudat brought peace with Israel and received the Nobel Peace Prize. Shouldn’t that have been applauded? Muslim fundamentalists radicals thought not. Soldiers who were also part of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad killed Sudat. In the roundup of terrorists, Sheik Omar Abdel Radman was jailed. Radman also conspired to blowup New York City landmarks.

How could a religious group specialize in killing? Let’s take a hard look at where the extreme fundamentalist Muslim world came from.

Before he became a prophet, Muhammad had been a warrior and a raider. Beheading had been common in those days. He believed those who reject Islam are “the vilest of creatures,” and anyone who insults or opposes Muhammad deserves a humiliating death. (Qur’an 98:6, 47:4) The idea of jihad came from the Koran. Muslims believe they must fight until man-made laws are replaced by Sharia (Muslim’s idea of God’s law). We’re talking about your hometown.

Christians and Muslims stand at very different places. Jesus said, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”(Matthew 5:44) Though often forgotten, for the first three centuries of the Christian era, believers were pacifists. In contrast, Muhammad said, “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, …, to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies. (Qur’an 8:60) Does sound a little different, doesn’t it?

Today the war between Shi’ites and Sunnis accounts for much of the on-going killing in Iraq. Because the Al-Assad rulers are from the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shite Islam, their faith is  part of what heats up the war in Syria. If the Alawites fall, the Sunni attack will be vicious.

Shi’ites and Sunnis continue to fight with each other. Shi’ite hostilities reach back to 661 B.C.E. when Ali was killed. His son Husayn were martyred later. The battle between these two groups started here and has never stopped. Today, Saudi Arabi is a bastion of Sunni orthodoxy; Iran is the leading Shi’ite country. The struggle continues!

Enter the Christians. From 2003 to 2010, Muslim terrorist attacks on Christians in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia increased 309%. On March 8, 2011 during a large Christian demonstration in Cairo, 13 were killed and 140 injured by Muslims from surrounding neighborhoods.  No one claims that the violence was planned. Rather, it appears to be a spontaneous outburst against Christians. In Saudi Arabia, police regularly raid the homes of Christians. When brought to court, Christian testimony means less than Muslims statements. This is simply the way it is in the Muslim world.

In the midst of the uprisings across the Muslim Middle East, these tensions fuel the fire. Nothing suggests the battle will be lessened. The extreme Fundamentalists groups are at war and the battle rages on.

Doesn’t sound promising.

Please remember, I’m not talking about all Muslims. Just fundamentalist radicals.

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            When I encountered chilling information on Hezbollah agents working in Mexico, I nearly fell out of my chair. I had met Palestinians in Israel who claimed to work in Hezbollah. They seemed like ordinary locals who made their living selling tourist trinkets. While I had no idea what these guys were capable of, they didn’t seem frightening. Of course, the lady who sat next to Ted Bundy found him to be charming before she discovered he was one of America’s most infamous serial killers. Regardless of what the Palestinians boys actually did at night, I would never have dreamed that one day they might be swimming across the Rio Grande to attack America.

The Arizonia Department of Public Safety reported to the contrary. Just a few months earlier, Al-Sevassah, a Kuwait newspaper, published a story claiming Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist groups were using Mexican nationals for their operation in Latin America. Surprise! Surprise! Whose name should show up in this escapade but Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. And of course, at the bottom of the barrel we find Columbian drug cartels trafficking for weapons. The picture got full exposure when Jameel Nasr was arrested in Tijuana a year ago. He was attempting to conduct a business deal selling thousands of U.S. arms stolen from American forces in Iraq to agents in Mexico for storage there.

Is the picture getting a little dark and gloomy for you? It is for me.

Here’s what the Tuscon Police department concluded: Islamic terrorist groups are working to create a base in Mexico by using connections with drug cartels. A terrorist network now exists in Mexico and Central America. The arsenal contains assault rifles, hand grenades, explosives, and anti-tank weapons. The Vito Carleone family is back big time, but they’re not speaking Sicilian anymore.

A year ago, Representative Sue Myrick wrote Homeland Security that intelligence gathering was needed on Hezbollah’s work on the U.S. and Mexican border. She suggested that Hezbollah operated like a Mafia family using protection threats on boarder residents.

Did you hear that reported by the press? I certainly didn’t.

Part of the problems seems to be that the U.S. State Department doesn’t want to report publically on this situation. Perhaps, they are attempting to position America to better encourage negotiations with Israel. Certainly, there is a value in that idea. However, we are now on the threshold of Israel attacking Iran and Syria is currently exploding in civil war. Iran claims they have the ability to strike the United States. Could they be talking about Hezbollah agents waiting in Mexico or now crossing the border?

The time to keep citizens in the dark to make them feel more secure would seem to be over. If people haven’t figured it out yet, Hezbollah enjoys setting off bombs on crowded buses in Jerusalem and killing children, women, anyone else in sight. They don’t make good neighbors (to put it mildly). We need to be watching the neighborhood!

I believe the hour is at hand to make people aware of the possibilities of what’s cooking on the border. We’re talking enchildades loaded with dynamite. Time to turn the oven off!

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