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Middle-East followers! Here’s an alert for YOU! Just released and hot off the press. My latest book will fill in the blanks in equipping you to fully understand the world of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Paul. Bible Lands: An Illustrated Guide to Scriptural Places by Robert L. Wise includes insights on Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and other countries.


This beautifully illustrated guide to key Bible sites provides 100 locales, many of which are extremely important but relatively unknown. I invite you to read and gain a better grasp of the flow of events that surround the greatest story ever told.

Available at your bookstore or they can order it at your request. I can send you a copy for US $14.99. Send a check to Robert L. Wise, P.O. Box 22716, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73123.



Spiritual Lessons for Today’s Battles

   We are living in a time when the meaning of spiritual warfare has slipped away.

Nevertheless, a war is being waged everyday of every week. Evil is still in the

game and you need to know how to respond. The time has come to wake up and get prepared.

Robert Wise’s latest book will help you see your life in a new perspective. Each

page offers insights that will help you win in today’s spiritual warfare.

Offered at $14.99, copies are available at your local book store or on line. You can also order from Wise at 4100

Rankin Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120 with no cost for mailing.

 Let Joshua Show You a New Way

2 responses to “Dr. Robert L. Wise Books

  1. Lou Bertoletti

    Dr.Wise, I’m a new reader having just begun a copy of the Son Rises.I had a miraculous encounter with Our King 6 years ago this past may.I googled Nathen Monk and because of Christ I have a great concern I would be blessed to speak with you about.This is awesome that you live here in okc, I am in Moore.God strengthen us in His unity of the Son of His Love.So be it and Amen.

  2. Rose Acton

    Robert, My name is Rose Acton and I believe your father lived in Clinton when my husband, Larry was the pastor at the Cumberland Presbyterian church. We have an old Christmas card from your father that I have saved over the years and thought you might like to have it. I think it is most unique. If you are interested just let me know. We have retired to Arkansas where I grew up ( a long time ago), I was thumbing thro one of your books and found several people we knew while in OKC. Most interesting.

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