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Blog 332 January 16, 2017


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     Last week we considered the current struggle in Israel as Obama leaves and Trump enters. Big changes are still in the works!

One that has not been widely reported in US media is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being questioned by Israeli police over allegations of corruption. Netanyahu denied what he called “baseless” reports of receiving gifts from outsiders. Israel’s Channel 2 TV reported he was given and accepted “favors” from businessmen. Moreover, they reported a second investigation involving his family. Longtime friend of Netanyahu, billionaire Ronald Lauder was reportedly involved. Australian billionaire James Packer supposedly gave free trips and gifts to Netanyahu’s son, Yair.

Is this possible? Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert went to jail for 19 months for the same offense. Olmert became prime minister when Sharon was felled by a stroke. Could it happen again?

As the American inauguration unfolds, new media are swamped with stories of confirmation hearings and what Trump said that contradicts all predecessors. However, the shock waves have not settled from the United Nation’s Security Council resolution (passed 14 to 0) condemning Israel’s continued expansion of settlements into what has been considered Palestinian territory.

As previously noted, journalist and contributor to USA Today, David A. Andelman has raised serious questions about the road Israel is now on that could also have serious consequences for the USA. Should Israel abandon a two-state solution to the Palestinian crisis, they would have on their hands an increasingly unruly and oppressed majority and the world would be on the Palestinian’s side.

South Africa can certainly tell them what happens when worldwide consumer boycotts and national sanctions are imposed. Like the unsinkable Titanic, the boat can be overturned. Right now momentum is pushing in that direction. Many Israeli’s fear that Netanyahu’s right-wing government is taking too big a gamble.

The glaring problem is that a one-state solution that could produce a globally blacklisted Israel would be toxic to the entire Middle East. And who might step into the leadership role once occupied by the United States? Take a look at Obama’s failed policies in Syria. Russia.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan dined with Rabbi Morris Friedman, the father of the next ambassador to Israel. Neither Rabbit Friedman or President Reagan were seduced by the idea of a one-state solution. Whether president-elect Trump now recognizes it or not, the one-state solution would probably be a disaster in many directions. Unfortunately, Trump is better at talking than listening.

We shall see what is ahead. Keep your set-belt fastened!

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