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BLOG 326 November 14, 2016


            The week before the election I examined the Israeli perspective on both Trump and Clinton. Now the votes are in. What’s ahead?

Because Trump was often vague in the Fall Campaign, Israel believed he did not have a coherent foreign policy. It now appears that to some extent he didn’t want to fully expose his positions during the Fall. Of course, the campaign was highly personality oriented, and he changed positions spontaneously, bouncing back and forth. However, some positions were clear.

During the last days of the campaign, President-elect Trump clearly stated that he intended to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Since 1948, no president has taken this position that would seriously undermine Palestinian claims to the eastern part of the city. Trump’s advisors are much closer to Israel’s hard-line right wing than the Obama administration ever was. As has been observed a number of times in the past, Obama not only had serious tension with Netanyahu but was seen negatively throughout Israel. Moving the embassy would be a major change for both nations.

At this time, Trump’s closest advisors are certainly not pro-Palestinians. Trump’s son-in-law is from the Jewish Krushner family. It has been reported that just prior to the election Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared prayed at the tomb of Menachem Sneerson of blessed memory, the former leader of the Labvicher Hassidic movment. Newt Gingrich has called the Palestinians an “invented” people. Rudy Guiliani recommended abandoning the idea of a Palestinian state as part of a peace accord. The Republican platform did not mention Palestinian statehood. In Netanyhua’s cabinet, the education minister said this amounts to an opportunity to drop the Palestinian statehood idea.

Such a modification would be change indeed!

Some of the foregoing are speculation, but it is a clear indication that major adjustments are coming. Certainly, Trump’s rhetoric focused on fighting Islamic militants. Many of his pronouncements during the campaign were opposed to Islam.

At this point, the Palestinians are officially taking a wait-and-see attitude. Foreign Minister Riad Malki said they didn’t know yet what Trump’s policies will be but hope he will push for a two-state solution.

At this time no one can speak dogmatically about what is ahead because during the campaign Trump repeated outright contradictory positions on the Middle East. At this time, Israelis are probably more optimistic than they were a few weeks ago. The Palestinians have to be concerned.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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The just completed American elections beg a comment about the impact on the Middle East. If you didn’t notice, the presidential election signaled a highly significant shift in the United States mentality. The times they are a-changing!

Growing up as a boy in the southwest, I never paid attention to the folks who lived on the other side of the tracks – except that they were called negros. In high school going from house to house, I sold goods to these people. I got to know them. By the time Martin Luther King came on the scene, I was ready to fight for the blacks. Looking back, I now realize how significant the shift was in American society in the 50’s even though it didn’t explode until a decade later.

I would suggest the same is true today. Consider how the public responded on November 6.

Women are no longer going to be sent to the back of the bus or be talked down to.  Contraception and the care of their bodies won’t be left to men to decide. Equal pay for equal work is demanded. Like it or not, both abortion and homosexuality are now seen differently by citizens under 40. Homosexual bashing is dead. Oh, and by the way, Whites are becoming a minority. In this election, the Hispanic, Asians, and black populations swung the vote. Romney simply wasn’t one of them. Obama was. The re-election of the first black American president tells you just how dead racism against Blacks now is.

I am not espousing either a Republican or Democrat view of the current social landscape. As is consistent with what I attempt to blog, my perspective is neither biblical, prophetic, or political, but stating “what is.” Both parties must engage this new social reality. If you listen to the Glen Becks, Ann Colters, Rush Limbaughs, and Fox Networks alone, you won’t get it because they don’t either. (Because they talk only to themselves and don’t know how to listen). The same is true if you only listen to NBC, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddox. Your view must broaden.

What does this mean for the Middle East? In the third debate, Obama obviously ran rings around Romney and his views will now continue. Negotiations are waiting, and Iran has run into a wall of American sanctions and must negotiate or continue to slide downhill at an accelerating rate of speed. We have announced we are leaving Afghanistan and tomorrow morning is not too early. We can’t allow American soldiers to be shot in the back by Islamic fundamentalist looking for martyrdom. Egypt is now firmly in the hands of the Moslem Brotherhood and President Marsi is in control. The American State Department knows we are looking down a gun barrel in Egypt. Difficult decisions are ahead.

Syria remains a keg of dynamite with new changes exploding everyday. Now the Palestinians have entered the deadly civil war and are both fighting against and with the government. A shell hit Israel and got an immediate response, warning that Israel won’t allow Syria’s war to land on their side of the border. The continuing Obama administration finds all options on the table to be difficult and undesirable.

My point? Change is in the air. Many will ignore it or be resistant. Others will attempt to refute the obvious. Those who stay out of touch will be continually shocked by the shifts. I am not suggesting that you take any particular point of view, but do stay in touch with the facts. You don’t have to like the shifts, but don’t disregard them. They signal the new day that is emerging. Change isn’t going to stop.

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