BLOG 560

April 4, 2022


Having traveled and worked in the Middle East since l968, Robert L. Wise has journeyed through the region, giving him insights from behind the scenes. Two of his sons taught in Jordan and Lebanon. Each week he attempts to present an objective view of current events.


Strange how life is seen in the Middle East. In Israel, they celebrate the “chaim,”  “to life!” Others don’t. Here’s two stories that illustrate the contrast.

Doctors at the Israeli field hospital in Ukraine delivered the first baby born at the medical site set up amid Russia’s invasion of the country, Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced Friday. “After a very difficult week, finally some good news,” the ministry stated, adding that both the baby, born Thursday, and mother were doing well.

The baby was delivered by Caesarian section, according to a public relations official at Sheba Medical Center, which is helping operate the hospital in Mostyska, outside the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

The hospital is named “Kohav Meir” (“Shining Star”) in honor of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, who was born in Ukraine and was the founder of the Foreign Ministry’s Agency for International Development Cooperation aid program, which is leading the project.

Housed on the grounds of an elementary school, the NIS 21 million ($6.5 million) facility fills 10 outdoor tents and has also converted multiple classrooms into hospitalization wards.

Here’s the other side of the story.

Three members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group who were killed during an overnight arrest operation in the West Bank may have been en route to carry out an attack in Israel, according to Hebrew-language media reports on Saturday.

Security officials said that a number of scenarios were being examined, with the most probable being that the cell planned to cross into Israel from the West Bank and carry out a shooting attack similar to the one earlier this week in Bnei Brak in which five people were killed.

Less likely scenarios were thought to be that the cell planned to infiltrate into a settlement in the West Bank and kill a family, or to carry out a shooting attack on a passing vehicle. The latter was thought to be of low probability due to a reduced number of vehicles with Jewish passengers on Shabbat in the West Bank.

What a strange paradox. One group travels across the world to set up a hospital to save people. Another group travels a few miles to kill people. That’s the world we live in today!

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