BLOG 247 April 6, 2015

Recently a conservative quipped, “We just had a miracle in Israel. Netanyahu got elected against the odds. I responded, “I wouldn’t call playing the race card a miracle.” The conservative looked offended. The exchange reminded me this is not a time for religious fantasies or political shenanigans. The issues are too important.

In the next several weeks, we will have a feeding frenzy on this problem. The Obama-haters will question everything from his intelligence to his competence. The Netanyahu supporters will parrot whatever the Prime Minister says. Again, neither option is helpful.

This past Sunday, Netanyahu was all over the television. The ABC interview I heard sounded like a politician spouting half truths and predictions of the demise of Israel. In contrast, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) said the nuclear accord with Iran will not threaten Israel. She noted the surveillance and inspection period would go on at least 20 years. While being an established fixture on the Senate scene, she chaired both the Senate Rules Committee and the Select Committee on Intelligence. Most importantly, Dianne Feinstein is a Jew from a long-line Jewish background. She would not sell her own people out.

The bottom line is that no deal will please Netanyahu.

Among the Obama-haters, Rep. Tom Cole opposed the deal before the details were even out. Proclaiming no faith in the Administration, he predicted the deal would set off a Middle East arms. How he got that conclusion is a mystery when Iran is now being shut down. Cole’s projections appears to be pure political spin.

The real heart of the problem is that no one trusts Iran. Further, Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism in the region. The Iranians are up to their neck in the current fighting in Iraqi and Syria. No one is mentioning that on the other side is Saudi Arabia sponsoring their own brand of terrorism in the struggle. Netanyahu wants an agreement that would stop Iran from their role in terrorism. While important, he and the USA both know that is not obtainable nor subject to inspection, and would be a dead-end street.

The basic issue for the West is surveillance that guarantees Iran cannot cheat. Is this possible? At this point, all anyone can do is wait to see what the details are in the agreement with Iran. Is it conceivable that the politicians can wait for the facts before they scream objections? Sorry, that’s not in the cards either.

The most positive result to date is that after the announcement on the tentative agreement, the price of oil dropped. Speculation is that the agreement will eventually go through including the lifting of sanctions. At that time, Iran will flood the market with oil. That would keep prices down and be good for the consumer.

What can the average citizen do? Tune out the politicians local and international and listen for the facts. Is an incomplete deal better than no deal at all? Is a settlement that prevents a war better than walking away? Everyone must dig into the issues and take a second and third look.

Don’t back away from this one. It is too important.

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